How Can I Show Off Products On My Storefront?

Your Storefront is essentially a well organized table of contents that shows of the products and categories found in your store. Think of it as your store's homepage. 


The first step in setting up a dynamite Storefront is to create appropriate categories into which you can sort your various products. If you haven't done that yet, please read our short guide to categories.

The second step is determining which products (if any) you'd like to feature on your Storefront. Featured products display directly beneath your categories in the Storefront table of contents, making it more likely a customer will see them.

Go to the Store tab > Storefront, then click Select Products to choose which products to feature.


And click and drag products up or down to change the order in which they're displayed.


A Storefront for a bike store that included two product categories and featured three products would look like this:

Your Storefront should automatically appear as a link in your site's navigation.

If you want to give the page a name other than Store, you can select the Pages tab, then select Store from the Pages list to enter a different name.

And what if you don't see a Storefront link in your navigation? Add one under Pages by clicking the + and choosing Storefront from the drop-down menu.



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