Beginner's Guide: First Steps

Our system makes it easy to build a fantastic site, but that doesn’t mean a little guidance can't make it even easier. All the basics you need in order to put together your first (second, third, fourth, seventeenth) site can be found here in our Beginner's Guide.

Select a Theme

The first step on the road to building your site is selecting a theme. There are 24 very special themes to choose from, all of which are responsive and built to adapt to a variety of purposes.


You can look them over with a quick scroll through our Theme Gallery.

We know it might be a touch overwhelming to choose exactly which theme you want before you've even started working on your site, but there's no need to fret since you can very easily change the theme later (and we'll show you how). For now just find a theme that looks good and run with it.




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