How Can I Add Pages to a Site?

More pages can be created and added to the site via the Pages tab, which opens a Pages list in the sidebar. Click the + to create a new page.

There is an option to Add a Standard Page, a Blog Page, a Store Page, or an External Link. Let’s focus on creating Standard Pages.

Selecting the Standard Page option will add a New Page and prompt you to give it a name, as well as provide you with a few options for the look and function of the page. It will also automatically show you this page while you work on it.

Adding more pages is a matter of clicking Add Page and choosing Standard Page again (and again).

As you add (and name) each of your pages, they'll automatically become part of your site's navigation bar.

You can re-arrange the order of the pages by clicking and dragging them up and down the Pages list. Dragging a page to the top of the list will make that page your Home.

Changing the order of pages in the list will also change the order in which they're displayed in the navigation.

You're also able to create subpages of other pages.

You can do this by dragging a page or pages underneath and to the right of another page.

These subpages appear in a drop-down menu when you scroll over the page to which you connected them.

To edit the content of a page just click on its link from the navigation menu or go to the Pages tab, select the page from the list, and it will open in the Editor. 



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