How Can I Change Fonts?

Each of our available themes includes default, global font settings for all the text on your site. But you can change these font settings through the Change Fonts area found under the Design tab.


There are numerous font controls to choose from in this section, but only a few of them have much impact on the overall look of your site. The most important of these settings is called Paragraph Text, so let’s use this one as our example.


Paragraph text controls the default font for all the Text elements you add to your site. You can change the Font Family, Size, Weight, and Color.

There are a little over 100 font families available. Each of these is what is known as a “web safe” font. This means any person, using any browser, on any computer, will be able to view the font without any trouble.


The font Size can be any number you like. But (unless you're specifically changing the font size for Titles) we recommend keeping that Size between 12 and 20 pixels for your Text elements, to make sure the text is large enough to read, yet not so large as to make it feel like you’re screaming at visitors.


Weight includes the standard options: Bold, Regular, Light.

And the Color option opens up a color picker with a small range of recommended colors that can be expanded to an entire rainbow of colors by using the arrow in the lower right of the box.


All the various font controls found in this section contain the same options, each one is simply controlling a different part of the site. As previously mentioned, Paragraph Text controls the font for all of your Text elements, Paragraph Titles control Title elements, Navigation controls your site’s Navigation Bar, and so on from there. You can see exactly what will be changed on a page by scrolling over the individual control – this highlights in blue exactly which kind of text will be changed by your updates.


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