How Do I Add Physical Products to a Store?

Start by going to the Store tab and selecting the Products section; you'll find an Add Product button here.  
Now you can add a title and description, as well as enter a price.

To add photos, simply drag them into the Product Images box or click the Upload Image button, and select images from your computer.
There are no set limits on the number of images you can upload for an individual product. If you add more than one image, the images will show up as a clickable slideshow for your customers.
When you’re done, click the Save Product button. If you need to, you’ll be able to edit this listing at any time, just by going back to the Products section and clicking the product you’d like to edit.
After a product is saved, you can see exactly how it'll look to your visitors when you Publish your site. How? Click on the Product from your Dashboard, then click the View Product button in the upper right. This will display the page that we've automatically generated for your product.


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